Gathering knowledge will not help you gain acknowledgement unless you exhibit it. So fasten your seatbelts for the 22nd and 23rd of this December, as The Finance Club BIT Mesra, brings to you the most invigorating and instructive event, “QUIZANCE”, a quiz competition with a brilliant opportunity to showcase your expertise on business and finance.With fascinating prizes worth ₹ 6k, This event comprises 2 rounds.
The Finance Club, BIT Mesra brings you La casa de financià. An event where you can use your knack for the market to gain exciting rewards. It comprises two rounds that would allow you to scrutinize your marketing and trading skills.
Finance club BIT MESRA is here to the rescue. The club fosters the culture of finance and promotes a professional association within the realm of it.It provides just the right amount of mentorship & opportunities you require to make money an excellent servant for you in future.With some of the most blockbuster events already organised and a plethora of even more enchanting events and community workshops down the pipeline, this club's journey ahead is just too mesmeric to be relinquished.
The Institution's Innovation Council of BIT Mesra, in association with the Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Finance Club, is thrilled to present ' BIT Nishan' - an initiative to provide seed funding to home startups run by students and faculty of BIT Mesra and its off-campuses.
The Finance Club of BIT Mesra presents the utmost awaited event, “SPARE THE SENSEX”, a strategic case competition with a riveting opportunity to explore the vast and ever-expanding arena of finance.The core of the competition lies around the economic understanding of the participants as they go through 2 meticulous rounds of brainstorming quizzes and challenging case studies.
The Finance Club, BIT Mesra brings a certain snippet of positivity amid the glum. We are all prepped up to bring forth the cricketing extravaganza, *Behind the stumps, into the stats*. A week long stay behind the yards, packed with mid offs and mid ons, ducks and misses, silly points and fly slips, await your presence.Brace yourselves to unveil the ardent financial literati within and celebrate the quintessence of auctioning and trading with your most favourite sport.

Workshops and Webinars

The workshop shall be structured in an easy to imbibe module wise format for better learning, with topics ranging from basics to the very pinnacles of the finance world. It shall be a great opportunity for finance enthusiasts to learn about Strategies in Finance from Industry Professionals, with each resource person being a stalwart in their field.
Everyone would have heard this renowned quote. Everyone wants their job to feel more like living. But if you have any doubts on how to traverse the "Path to your dream job" then there's no need for fretting.FINANCE CLUB is back with an interactive webinar, in collaboration with "BUDDING ANALYST", where our keynote speaker Mr. Kapil Makhija will illumine us with the importance of practical learning.
Want to know what was Mr. Adani's thoughts behind such a statement?? Curious about how the aftermath of coronavirus would be on the Indian economy and market ??? For all the market enthusiasts out there, Finance Club is back with another enlightening webinar on "Turning crisis into opportunity: Leveraging the digital transformation" With beaming pride we wish to announce that two BIT alumni, Ms Adya Singh, a research analyst at Delloite and Ms Shruti Shree, a business analyst at Affine will be gracing the event as resource person to unveil a plethora of market success mantras.
The Finance Club of BIT Mesra is proudly presenting its next session on “How To Make Your Money Work For You” which will consist of an interactive webinar by Mr. Rohit Gupta, who is the Associate Vice President of Motilal Oswal and has over 12 years of industry experience. The webinar will be followed by a Gaming round where participants can show their financial acumen and the winners will get a chance to win exciting prizes worth Rs 5K
Increasing your efficiency in handling your expenses and investing in assets is the key to becoming rich eventually. We see the billion dollar bills those businessmen earn but what we fail to observe is the way they use money to make more money. This is where financial literacy holds immense importance.Our guest speaker for the session, Mr. Rahul Goyal, is not only a Chartered Financial Analyst but also a Chartered Accountant at one of the leading investment banking firm. He has previously worked in Barclays and has 5+ years of experience in the finance industry.
The Finance Club BIT Mesra is here with a webinar on creating, building and transforming business and people, and the plethora of opportunities it offers to early-stage entrepreneurs as it's central theme. With Mr Debashish Sen, an Entrepreneur, CEO and Business Transformation specialist we've just got the apt sensei to ensure that you pull through the modern-day dilemmas that your inner budding entrepreneur faces, in the most pragmatic ways possible.
The Finance club of BIT Mesra shoots you over the chance of a golden opportunity to learn about "Economy and Financial Market during the pandemic".This is a conjunction with none other than Mr. Nisant Mohta, founder of Finlatics. Finlatics projects are running in over 150 Indian campuses including IIM Kolkata, Indore and IIT Bombay. The man himself is a graduate from one of the best B-schools of the world and has been associated with some of the finest colleges in India. He has mentored many a bright minds of our generation.
Everyone wants to save and take control of their own money, but instead they end up being misers in this modern lifestyle. Our personal finance is something which we all thrive for and Finance Club empowers you to gain the most unique insights on managing personal finance. Learn all the tricks of financial management to keep them up your sleeves as, Finance Club- BIT Mesra is all set to organize it’s very first webinar enunciated by Dr Anup Kumar Sinha; currently working as Managing Director at Aspen Research Service Pvt Ltd., New delhi