The Institution's Innovation council of BIT Mesra, in association with the Finance Club BIT Mesra and the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, is back with an innovation contest to test and reward the entrepreneurial prowess of the top ten teams that emerged victorious at BIT-NISHAN's business plan competition.
" An intelligent investor is a realist who sells to the optimist and buys from pessimist " - Benjamin Graham Are you among those who have the talent to invest your money in a way that earns you profits? Are you the one who understands the hacks of the investment world? If yes, then we at BIT Mesra have come up with an event INVESTOR'S HAT as a part of our annual tech fest Pantheon'22.
Hola Finance-maniacs! Finance Club BIT Mesra, in association with the Society for Data Science adds yet another exciting event to Pantheon’22, the Sirf Excel 2.0. This a nerve-wracking event that will test your expertise over the most powerful tool in the world of Account Management and Statistical-numerical analysis, MS Excel.
“Everyone can tell you the risk. An entrepreneur can see the reward.” Keeping in mind the plethora of creativity blooming in the youth, Finance Club BIT MESRA, in collaboration with Institute Innovation Council and EDC BIT MESRA brings you Business Plan Competition-2022. The participants are required to register by 17th August 2022. The competition requires the participants to showcase their ideas in the form of a presentation in Hybrid mode.
Hola Bitians, for some of us knowing finance only through webinars and workshops can be quite boring. To counter this, this time Finance Club BIT Mesra is going to organize "Ad Quest" which is our new upcoming event which will be held from 1st June to 6th June in which not only your knowledge will be tested about finance but there will be a fun way of learning too.
Are you the guy who thinks that your analytical thinking can create a change in the business empire? Hedgeit brings you the perfect chance to invest in and enhance your knowledge in the world of business. .
If your summer evening schedule is all about rooting for your favourite IPL squad, we've got something in store for you. Finance Club, BIT Mesra is thrilled to bring forward the second edition of its cricketing extravaganza, "Behind The Stumps, Into The Stats 2.0", as part of FinStreet'22. A challenging yet straightforward event, especially for a cricket pundit like you, packed with mid-offs and mid-ons, ducks and misses, silly points and fly slips!
If, you are thrilled by the jump in the price of Tesla stock and become anxious because of the topsy turvy curve of bitcoin. We, Finance Club, BIT Mesra have something incredible for you in-store. Finance club BIT Mesra is back with another event that will hold you captive: Stalk the Stock

Workshops and Webinars

The days are gone when finance was primarily responsible for bookkeeping and transaction only. But today, with the help of financial analytics, finance practitioners are well equipped to act efficiently to make strategic decisions and predict the future in a complex and ever-changing environment to retain a competitive advantage. The Finance Club BIT Mesra is organizing an interactive webinar on "Data Analytics and Impact on Financial process and Reporting " by Mrs.Manya Gaurav. He is a BIT Alumni and the sales operation analyst in Data governance and access control. So Crosstour the calendar on 20 Aug 2022 and don't miss this awesome event. See you all there! Date and time: 7:30 pm 20 Aug 2022
Hola Fin-keens, as we all are seeing the situation of the market in the present scenario, it is clear that Covid has not only affected our health but also it has shown its effect on the market. For some, those sudden changes were a miracle but for some, they turned out to be nothing more than a curse. But as change is the only constant, so we need to accept these changes and change ourselves and our financial strategies accordingly. Having a view of this, the Finance Club BIT Mesra has decided to spread awareness about the newly transformed market through our webinar which is to be held on the 13th of May at 6 pm by our honorable guest speaker, Mr. Nisant Mohta, Founder, Finlatics. Your presence there will be highly appreciated.
"Do more of what works and less of what doesn't." Everyone would have heard this renowned quote. Everyone wants to make profits in stock market but only a few know how to leverage the use of technology to make the money work for them. Finance Club is back with an Interactive Masterclass under its flagship event FinStreet;22, where our keynote speaker Mr. Vishnu Bharath S. will illumine us with the importance of Derivatives and Quantitative Trading. So cross your calendars on 29th and 30th March and don't miss this fortunate stroke of serendipity.
The workshop shall be structured in an easy to imbibe module wise format for better learning, with topics ranging from basics to the very pinnacles of the finance world. It shall be a great opportunity for finance enthusiasts to learn about Strategies in Finance from Industry Professionals, with each resource person being a stalwart in their field.
Everyone would have heard this renowned quote. Everyone wants their job to feel more like living. But if you have any doubts on how to traverse the "Path to your dream job" then there's no need for fretting.FINANCE CLUB is back with an interactive webinar, in collaboration with "BUDDING ANALYST", where our keynote speaker Mr. Kapil Makhija will illumine us with the importance of practical learning.
Want to know what was Mr. Adani's thoughts behind such a statement?? Curious about how the aftermath of coronavirus would be on the Indian economy and market ??? For all the market enthusiasts out there, Finance Club is back with another enlightening webinar on "Turning crisis into opportunity: Leveraging the digital transformation" With beaming pride we wish to announce that two BIT alumni, Ms Adya Singh, a research analyst at Delloite and Ms Shruti Shree, a business analyst at Affine will be gracing the event as resource person to unveil a plethora of market success mantras.